DMIT :黑五当天将发布 24 个优惠码 DMIT 黑五活动预告, 超低折扣

DMIT 黑五活动预告,将在黑五当天每小时发布一个骨折优惠码,是不是骨折不知道,反正是黑五优惠码。具体优惠码的折扣也暂时不知道,但是每个优惠码有效期只有一个小时,并且每个订单需要在五分钟内完成付款。所以,此次力度是可想而知的,商家应该是不想亏太多,才出此下策,让我们期待一下吧。去年 DMIT 的优惠机型还算比较给力,今年看这促销预告,估计很多小伙伴要再买了。

一、DMIT 官网地址


二、DMIT 黑五活动预告

Dear DMIT Customer,

Event page link:

Thanksgiving is today! First of all, I’d like to say thank you to you. You are the reason why we keep running the business. Thank you for supporting us.

To be straightforward, we are about to launch our Black Friday Promotions soon. In Black Friday, we will update in a total of 24 promo codes on our website, 1 hour each, and each code is valid for 1 hour. To choose the promotion you like, keep an eye on our website. Remember, each code is only valid for one hour, and each of them is unique, don’t throw away your shot.

Once again, thank you for supporting us. We hope you have a great time with your family and have a great holiday season.

简单来说,就是从 UTC 时间 29 日零点开始(北京时间 29 日上午 8 点开始),会每个小时发布一个黑五优惠码,每个优惠码都不一样,有效期一个小时。


1. The Promotion begins to be available from 00: 00 on November 29, 2019 (UTC) to 23:59 on that day. All promotion codes are valid only during this period.
2. We will issue a new promotion code every hour during the promotion period. The amount and available product of each codes are different, they are also time-limited.
3. Any code can only be used once per client and it is only be valid for the first product in the order. The availability of the code shall be subject to the prompt when confirming the application of the code.
4. For the codes which are fixed amount, the order price must be larger than the amount of the code. We kept the right to cancel the order, if the condition is not met.
5. The order must be paid within 5 minutes, otherwise we will cancel the order automatically.
6. PVM.LAX.Pro.SHARE and all HKG products will not participate in this promotion.


  • 活动时间:北京时间 11 月 29 日上午 8 点开始,持续 24 小时;
  • 活动内容:每小时一个优惠码。每个优惠码每个账户只能用一次,并且只能购买一个产品;
  • 付款要求:5 分钟内完成付款;
  • 活动方案:除了 PVM.LAX.Pro.SHARE 和香港方案,其他都参加。


三、DMIT CN2 GIA 方案整理

方案 CPU 内存 硬盘 流量 带宽 IP 价格 购买
Builder 2 核 2GB 20GB 2TB 50Mbps 1 IPv4 $12.9/月 购买
Starter 1 核 1GB 10GB 1.5TB 100Mbps 1 IPv4 $14.9/月 购买
Mini 2 核 2GB 20GB 3TB 200Mbps 1 IPv4 $29.9/月 购买
Micro 4 核 8GB 50GB 6TB 200Mbps 1 IPv4 $59.9/月 购买
Medium 8 核 8GB 80GB 10TB 200Mbps 2 IPv4 $109.9/月 购买
Large 8 核 16GB 100GB 20TB 200Mbps 2 IPv4 $209.9/月 购买
uBuilder 1 核 1GB 10GB 无限 10Mbps 1 IPv4 $18.98/季 购买
uStarter 1 核 1GB 10GB 无限 15Mbps 1 IPv4 $14.9/月 购买
uMini 2 核 2GB 20GB 无限 30Mbps 1 IPv4 $32.9/月 购买
uMicro 4 核 8GB 50GB 无限 50Mbps 1 IPv4 $62.9/月 购买
uMedium 8 核 8GB 80GB 无限 100Mbps 1 IPv4 $209.9/月 购买
uLarge 8 核 16GB 100GB 无限 200Mbps 1 IPv4 $499.9/月 购买

除了上面这些配置,所有的 DMIT CN2 GIA 还有如下特性:
– 1 IPv6 /64
– 所有硬盘均为 SSD
– 可选 DDoS 防御
– 可升级 1Gbps 带宽
– 可自由调整几乎所有配置


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